Friday, October 15, 2010

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Collin's First Haircut

And after...

Collin before the haircut.

10 Months

Christmas Season 2009

Bath time on Christmas morning!

Collin helping me wrap presents.
This is the other picture we put in our Christmas cards.
One of the shots from our Christmas photo shoot.
I love this picture of Collin! We included this picture in our Christmas card. I love his little hat and outfit!

At Grandma and Grandpa William's house. I love watching Collin experience all the different wonders of Christmas for the first time! 
Grandma Williams and Collin

Collin and I at the Lexington Tea House.
Collin , you are getting so big!

9 Months

My little snuggle bug!

Family Vacation to Colorado

Jon , Me, and Collin on top of Pikes Peak.
All of us . Pikes Peak is in the background!
Collin before our flight.
Collin did so well on the four and a half hour flight!
Waiting for the shuttle at the airport.
We went to a tea house in Denver. The owner was a British lady . We loved listening to her accent!   
Tasting different samples of tea at the Celestial Tea Factory. We got to go on a tour through the factory and see how they make tea! We then went to the gift shop.
Collin and I at Elitch Gardens Amusement Park.  
Me getting an ice cream sundae at Whit's End! It was so neat! 
One of the many beautiful sites of Colorado.
Some of us on top of Pikes Peak.
The view from the top of Pikes Peak. You could see for miles! This gorgeous view inspired Katherine Lee Bates to write "America The Beautiful" .  
Some of  us on the incline at  The River Gorge . 
We rode in this cable car across The River Gorge. I can't believe I was so brave!
A view of Denver from the plane.

Saturday, January 16, 2010